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When I need to make a large purchase of an item I look for 3 things: quality, service and price. 5 years ago we purchased a new kitchen from Kitchen Connection. Benjamin provided us with high quality materials from cabinets to drawers to countertops and all the required hardware. We were able to visit the workshop to examine the materials as the kitchen was being built in their shop before delivery and installation. It was important to us that we could see for ourselves the quality of the labor and materials being used in the construction phase of the cabinetry. Benjamin provided excellent service to us, both before and after purchase and installation. While using state of the art computer aided design, he was able to help us lay out the kitchen we wanted within the space requirements we had available to us. It was not an easy task to get the counter space the way we wanted, and then to fit the correct cabinets within the space. After installation he came by to make sure we were happy.  He even adjusted the cabinet doors a year later - at no extra charge , because our house had settled a little. Kitchen Connection was not the most expensive solution nor the least expensive, but it fit within our budget and provided quality that we believe we could not have received even if we had paid more. We are today still extremely happy with our kitchen which still looks new. We highly recommend Benjamin and Kitchen Connection if you are looking to remodel your kitchen. You won't be disappointed.


Lou brifman

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