Benjamin Spinka


Binyomin's mission is to help families in Israel -especially Anglos- make sense of all the marketing hype and potential pitfalls surrounding kitchen make-overs, and deliver a tailor made solution that's just right for each family. When people relay how KC's creations have made a lasting positive impact on their daily routine, family dynamics, and quality of life, Binyomin gets a deeper level of satisfaction from his work that motivates him to do more for the next family.

At Kitchen Connection we believe kitchens should be easy to use and easier to organize. That's why we put a premium on the design of  each kitchen with all your specific needs in mind.


With the proper design, we can ensure that your kitchen will be easy to cook in, organize, and maintain.

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Address: 1 Sela St, Har tuv B

Industrial Zone, Beit Shemesh, Israel.